Fun Times at Everland

Fun Times at Everland

We woke up one morning and decided to check out the infamous Everland. We live about 35 minutes away from the park, and we’d heard so many stories from our students about how great it is. “Ride the T-Express!” they say. “Leave at 5 o’clock in the morning so you can get there early,” they say.

Unfortunately, we got a late start that day, so we didn’t arrive at the park until after 4pm. But we had a blast!

I read online that there was a discount for foreigners, but we would have to find the right ticket counter to be able to take advantage of the deal. So I did some researching, and when we got there, we found the booth called “Ticket Office for Foreigners.”

Main entrance and regular ticket booths

This is the main entrance with the regular ticket booths


The foreigner ticket booth is located past the regular ticket booths, off to the right of the main entrance

The girl at the counter spoke some English – enough to convey that to get the discount, we would have to find a office for group tickets. I’m really not sure why we had to find a different ticket booth, but off we went!

To find it: you walk around the foreigner ticket booth, and follow the buildings on the left until you the pass the office for “Membership Service Center/Information.” Keep walking around to the left and you’ll find the office labeled “Group Ticket Office.”

It wasn’t listed on the map, so it was a little tricky to find. Here’s a zoomed-in image of the map. The full size map (pdf) can be found on the Everland website.

Group Ticket Office location

Group Ticket Office location

Once inside, we didn’t have to do anything other than pay for the price of the tickets. The woman at the counter automatically applied the 50% off discount, and we walked out of there with 2 tickets for about 45,000.

The entrance to the park was really neat to walk through. I felt like the typical tourist, snapping pictures of anything and everything that looked interesting. There were plenty of “oooo!”s.


Theater and a restaurant


Castles and hillside homes in the background… haha

Over head lights

Winter/Christmas lights over head


Magic Shop and some street vendors

Gigantic tree with hanging lights

Gigantic tree with hanging lights

And that was just the entrance!

There were plenty of rides to choose from, and like Busch Gardens in America, the park is divided into different themes. We didn’t really have a game plan, so we explored around and discovered some neat rides.

We finally caved in and found a map to use because we made a giant loop and ended up near the park entrance, back where we started. I opened the map and said “OK! Let’s try this again.”

One of the first rides we came across was a cowboy themed, spinning rodeo ride. The person controlling it would slow it down and make you think the ride was ending but then speed it up again and laugh. He did that about 3 times, haha!


One of the things I liked most about the place was the style and theme of the buildings. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and have started to appreciate the architecture and design of things around me. But I enjoyed the level of detail that was put into the style of each section of the park.





We ate dinner at a jungle themed restaurant and warmed up our bodies for awhile.



Afterwards, we stopped at a candy store and chose a few things to try for desert.










I felt like a little kid in a candy shop, haha. So much to choose from! But be forewarned: the cost is per pound, and it can add up quickly.

When the sun started to fall and the lights came on, the scene turned into something different. There were less and less people, and suddenly it became more whimsical!    20141220_1738046



That gigantic tree from earlier looked so much different lit up!

That gigantic tree from earlier looked so much different lit up!

On our way back to the entrance/exit, we stumbled upon Everland’s parade. It was very interesting! Each float had a different design, usually with some part of it that moves.

The blue guy on top had a machine gun!

The blue guy on top had a machine gun!

Dancing in the street

Dancing in the street, between the floats

A dragon's lair, I believe, with a witch inside it!

A dragon’s lair, I believe, with a witch inside it!

Poseidon? Though I'm not sure why there were mice on the same float, haha

Poseidon? Though I’m not sure why there were mice on the same float, haha

Andrew and I laughed a bunch of times. We couldn’t believe how loud and fast paced the music was. It was like club music but with a childlike, circus music twist. The whole parade just seemed so foreign and comically interesting. Every float was a different scene with something else to mystify us. I’m happy to have had that experience, haha

After the parade, we were ready to leave. So we hopped in line and rode the gondola back towards the park entrance/exit.

We stopped by one last shop and found some really neat toys and trinkets.


Mobiles and ferris wheels


Even a candle-heated mobile!



Cute little paper models!

Cute little paper models

Pixar movies, like Toy Story and Monsters Inc. Even Star Wars characters and Marvel superheroes!

There were Star Wars characters and Marvel superheroes! And Pixar movies, like Toy Story and Monsters Inc.

It was a cute ending to a great time at Everland. I wanted to buy so many awesome things, but we saved our money and only bought a reusable handwarmer – a microwavable, cute little penguin with a bow tie. I use it almost every day at school 😀


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